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Chamber orchestra «RENAISSANCE»

Категория: Материалы | Опубликовано: 2011-01-15 07:56:45

It would be annoying for me if my music gave to people only pleasure, my purpose – to make them better. 


Sounding of the best compositions of world classics, immersion of listeners in solemn atmosphere, imagination of being in different epochs and in the countries are reflected in concerts of a chamber orchestra "Renaissance" which have begun since 5th of November 2003. The orchestra gave concerts in different cities of Russia and abroad, and we always strive to make concerts accessible for our listeners. The desire to make glad our visitors at concerts made us always surprise our audience, give to them not only sensory and original music execution, but also bright show. So we often make surprises at our concerts ; we make fancy-dress performances, we invite ballet dancers, we do thematic evenings, we cooperate with conductors and soloists from every corner of the world.

Constant lineup of orchestra is 16 girls. The quantity of musicians increases or decreases according to the executed program. Since 2003 the orchestra lineup is constantly updated. Existence of our collective is in the first place enthusiasm, great friendship, passion for travels and great love to music.

Orchestra repertoire is very various, rich and interesting today. We select all repertoire ourselves. Many compositions are written and orchestrated by Anastasiya Ilyushkina. In our program there are classical, religious, Soviet, modern, east, Tatar, Turkish, Greek, Irish music and compositions from films.