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Категория: Материалы | Опубликовано: 2011-01-15 07:58:17

The first concert of the chamber orchestra «RENAISSANCE» took place on the 5th of November 2003. This date is considered the birthday of the collective consisting of 20 girls. The first tours were organized to international St. Petersburg festival «IMPERIAL BOUQUET» in summer 2004. The orchestra was awarded with the prize of award winner and diploma winner. The repertoire of performed musical compositions included works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, Caccini, Johann Pachelbel, T. Albinoni, S.S.Prokofiev V. Gavrilin, L.Bokkerini, E. Dog.

The orchestra «RENAISSANCE» was invited to the international festival of German culture «Flags of Russia» taken place in Saratov in September 2004. Joint execution of German composers compositions with different collectives from Russia and Germany left impressive impressions at all participants of this festival for a long time.

The orchestra «RENAISSANCE» celebrated the first birthday on the 5th of November 2004 in German House of Republic of Tatarstan which was attended by 400 guests. The festive concert with the impressive surprises surprised listeners that evening, excellent performance of the popular musical compositions of foreign and Russian composers alternated with congratulations of listeners. The waltz of E. Dog from the film «My endearing and loving beast» was performed at the end of concert and white swans flied in the room.

2005 was very productive for the orchestra: many charity concerts for children living in boarding schools; guest concerts in rehabilitation houses, performances at schools and municipal authorities; tours trough the cities of Russia in February (St.Petersburg, Gatchina, Viborg); tours to Moscow and Ryazan in March; the first children festival which was organized by scenario of Anastasija Iljushkina; the big international festival «IMPERIAL BOUQUET» in St.Petersburg in the summer. The concerts were performed together with soloists of the Maryinsky Theater in the Throne Room of the Ekaterina’s Palace in Tsarskoe Selo, in pavilion of roses of Pavlovsk.

Orchestra «RENAISSANCE» took active part in the celebration of the Kazan Millenium: musical accompaniment of celebrations devoted to the Day of City; performances on the open areas for big audience. After celebration of Orchestra Birthday in the Chamber of commerce and industry the orchestra took part in the festival of modern music in Izhevsk. Here was performed the concert for accordion, guitar and chamber orchestra of A. Piazzolla.

January 2006 - concerts devoted to the celebration of the two-hundredth anniversary of the Lutheran Cathedral of S.Petr and S.Pavel in Moscow; tours to St.Petersburg, Moscow, Viborg.

September 2006 - concert tours through the cities of Germany: Hamburg, Elmshorn, Elmshausen, Marburg, Burg, Cologne, Mannheim, Berlin. October 2006 - participation in the international festival «Siberia grows into German culture» in Novosibirsk. Concerto grosso of Alfred Shnitke was performed in this program.

May 2007 – Tours to Moscow, St.Petersburg, Viborg; participation in the religious festival organized by Alexandro-Nevskaya lavra in St. Petersburg.

September 2007 – participation in the television project «Glory minute» on the first television channel ORT.

The 5th November – festive concert «In the friends circle» devoted to the first five ' years anniversary.

2008 – concerts in Moscow, many performances in the cities of Tatarstan: Naberezhnye Chelny, Almetyevsk, Elabuga, Nizhnekamsk, Volzhsk, Bulgarian; сhildren festival «In the Music and fairy tale world»; summer tours to the hero-city Volgograd with the program «Seasons» of A.Vivaldi; thematic concerts «Tango», compositions of A.Piazzolla, joint execution of V. Zubitsky new concerto grosso with author in the December 2008.

2009 - tours in Moscow, Volgograd, St. Petersburg, Gatchina, Viborg, tours to Izhevsk, thematic concerts of Tatar and Turkish music «East Fairy tale», organization and carrying of children festival.

2010 – winter tours to St.Petersburg, Viborg, organization and carrying of international contest «In the music and fairy tale world», summer tours to St. Peterburg, Viborg, Volgograd, participation in the international festival of German culture in Ulianovsk. The program included the musical compositions of German composers and execution of Rudolf and Arnold Brayning compositions.